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Good Copper Mugs Moscow Mule

Copper mugs Moscow Mule – the classic vodka drink from the 50-century Los Angeles. When the Russian vodka spread like wildfire around the world and was a success, probably most, thanks to its low price, so many snatched up the hype and took the opportunity to shake up exciting new cocktails with the effective ingredient. 1941, John G. Martin with industry colleague Jack Morgan was the drink that would come to represent the 50’s hottest LA cocktails.

Along with ginger beer and lime vodka is a drink that advantageously and according to tradition, is served in a copper mug. Copper mugs Moscow Mule is made of stainless steel and has copper plating on outside giving it a sleek and copper similar design. It is an exact replica of the classic drink the cup which was developed as early as 1946.

Whether copper mugs Moscow Mule story is true or not, we leave unsaid. However, we are hundred percent sure that this drink is a big hit! For a drink, you need vodka, ginger beer, some wedges of lime, and ice. Also, prepare mint to decorate with and a copper mug. Start with grind lime wedges in a copper cup and pour ice to half of the glass. Pour in the vodka and fill up with ginger beer. Garnish the drink with a mint sprig and a lime wedge.

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