Affordable Decorate Corelle Mugs

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Corning Corelle Mugs

Corelle mugs – Discover how to decorate cups of coffee or tea in a very original way. For a gift to your family, friends or someone special, and also, economically! A personalized drawing, its name or other characteristic elements so that it is noticed that they are unique and unrepeatable cups will make the difference.

When thinking about how to decorate mugs we will always think of our tastes and interests. And there are so many ways that, looking at the results, it seems that we have bought them in a store. It could be an original gift for someone special in which to show something in common that we have that person, or, that we want to decorate our own corelle mugs.

It is especially important the type of paint that we will use depending on the use that we are going to give to the cups. If they are cups to simply decorate we can use practically any type of paint or even a simple permanent marker, but if they are corelle mugs to use in the day to day, to heat in the microwave, etc. It will be necessary to use special paint for this purpose. In the craft stores you will find many types depending on the technique you are going to use

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