Affordable Walgreens Custom Mugs

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Handmade Walgreens Custom Mugs

Walgreens custom mugs – Imitating the color streaks typical of marble is a type of decoration that is carried a lot in any field, even in sweet recipes. The best thing about this technique is that the design comes out randomly and the final finish is elegant, unique and professional looking. Coffee mugs decorated with a colorful marbling are perfect to have a whole game totally exclusive. And you just need a regular nail polish.

With a few colors to your liking, a few chopsticks and a cheap plastic container, you will find it very easy to achieve such a stylish effect. Fill the container with very hot water, pour a few drops of the color you want to use and form eddies with the stick. Quickly immerse the walgreens custom mugs on the part of the surface you want to paint and let it dry on kitchen paper.

You can also Choosing a monogram as a decorative motif is perfect for differentiating the walgreens custom mugs from each family member, or simply to have a nice alphabet. For it to be well it is important to get a perfect calligraphy, but there is no difficulty since it is possible to use stickers or a cut with the font that we like. It is not really about painting the monogram; we will do it with the surface around it.

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