Amazing Contemporary Candle Wall Sconces For Bathroom

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Contemporary Candle Wall Sconces Lighting

Contemporary candle wall sconces use to be a torch or a candle brought to the toilet to scare away wild animals such as opossums and snakes, but now that we have entered the 21st century, we have managed to upgrade away. Now we have a scented candle and Tiki torches instead, and this makes for a lighting option that is much better. However, most people have indoor plumbing now, so the concentration on contemporary bathroom lighting has gone from candles and torches for new equipment.

Fortunately for consumers, contemporary candle wall sconces are now available in classic and retro appearance. This means two things: first of all, if you have a yen to go back in time to the Fifties, you can have the same lighting your parents did when they were children. Secondly, if you want to upgrade your bathroom lighting in your home, it can be done cheaply, like contemporary bathroom lighting can be done with a small budget. The key to a great contemporary look is to match fixtures, and to see the light from different angles.

Contemporary candle wall sconces are much smaller than they used to be. As a rule, what used to take 120 watt bulb can now be illuminated by fluorescent lamps of 40 watts, thus saving energy. Another way to look at it-if your lighting is 3 lights at 120 each, you can do the same lighting scheme with 6 lamp at 40 watts each, with the same candela and 1/3 less electricity usage.

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