Another Ways Installing Galvanized Wall Sconce

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Galvanized Wall Sconce Farmhouse

Galvanized Wall Sconce – Wall lights usually take advantage of existing power lines to increase lighting in a room or area. Modern technology has created LED lights capable of running for long periods of time out of battery power. Battery-operated wall mounts can be mounted to any wall without holes. Proper assembly requires the creation of small holes for screws, which are easily patched if necessary with composite putty. You can mount a wall sconce in just a matter of minutes.

Instructions: Locate the uprights on the wall with a detector for it. Most galvanized wall sconce use two screws to attach the mounting plate to it. Mark the location of the edges of two adjacent uprights. Place the mounting plate against the wall between the two uprights. Mark the location of the screw holes. Rest a level on the top of the mounting plate to ensure that the light will be level when you install it.

Press an anchor screw against the mark on the galvanized wall sconce and tap it gently with a hammer to propel it through the drywall. Some anchor bolts require you to drill a 1/4 inch (0.64 cm) hole first. Use a 1/4-inch drill bit and drill to create the hole, if necessary. Remove the anchor bolt with a screwdriver. Repeat for the other screw holes for the mounting plate.

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