Barrel Water Fountain: Easy And Cheap!

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Barrel Water Fountain Designs

Barrel water fountain – One of most popular uses for old whiskey barrels, though, is to serve as a base for a whiskey barrel fountain. All it takes to make a discarded whiskey barrel to a fountain is a water pump, some tubes and of course a whiskey barrel. One of quickest, easiest and cheapest whiskey barrel fountain to make is a simple one half barrel fitted with a water pump handle.

All makings are available at local home improvement store for about fifty dollars – a real bargain for a backyard water feature. All fountain components, including pump, mounting parts and pipes, comes in a kit. Add whiskey barrel and about an hour of work, plug in and you’re good to go. You can also combining two popular DIY water barrel water fountains to create a unique water feature to backyard. A bamboo hammer water fountain is a kinetic fountain, which counts movement of water to keep it moving.

Barrel water fountain are often located at one end of a water garden in which rhythmic click bamboo works adds a counterpoint to splashes of water. Instead of standing bamboo fountain in a pond, mount it on or in a whiskey barrel that have been “planted” by water loving plants like water lilies. Two woods presenting a delicate contrast between East and West is at home in almost any garden.

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