Can Foam And Latex Foam Pillow Be Dangerous To Your Health

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Latex Foam Pillow Standard Size

Latex foam pillow is the latest craze in town pillows. You cannot blame the people who rushed out to buy a set for themselves and the whole family. They are very comfortable and without doubt provide excellent support which lack traditional pillows. In addition they are a dream to sleep; they are very economical because they last for years.

Opponents of the most pillows on the market, they do not go flat over time. And you’re guaranteed the pillows were like new every day for years to come. That’s because of the technology applied in latex foam pillow is. Material has characteristics able to return to their normal shape and smooth away from the indentation left by your head. As if they had never slept in.

However, there is much speculation about the dangers latex foam pillow pose to human health. Although they are labeled to be hypoallergenic, some people have claimed to get sick because they have acquired the pillow. Latex pillows are made of foam rubber produced by the sap of rubber trees. They are resistant to dust mites and fungi by nature. However, the synthetic latex may outgas chemicals that can affect human health. This cushion of material formulated from petroleum products.


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