Charm Mason Jar Coffee Mug

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Mason Jar Coffee Mug Diy

Mason jar coffee mug – Small floral centerpieces require small containers to put them in. In fact, the recipient you choose is the beginning of the mood and style of the whole arrangement. Any stoneware glassware such as a champagne flute or a glass of brandy-shaped bowl will give your table an elegant look. A cup of floral tea with saucer or jar of preserves will give your establishment a country-like appearance. Small clay pots can be used as containers for a garden wedding.

Mason jar coffee mug, like containers, can add a personal touch if the bride and groom are known to be coffee dogs. Small bowls, vases or baskets are also acceptable. Candles of the conical shape can be placed in a small candleholder or any other container, with flowers added around it. When the candles are lit, the room will have a romantic glow. Use higher transparent weight containers down a silk flower at the bottom, fill it with water and add a tea light to float on top.

If you are using small clay pots with your dishes, consider a living plant or a flower on the floor. This type of centerpiece could do a double function by which it also acts as a wedding favor. Tie the raffia around mason jar coffee mug, holding a label with the bride and groom’s name and the date of the wedding. Or a plant marker could be created with the same information and pasted right on the ground.

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