Choosing The Best Oversized Pillows

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Gray Oversized Pillows Floor

Oversized pillows – Choosing the best pillow depends on each person and their specific needs for rest, because a third of our lives we spend sleeping. However, choosing the best pillow can sometimes seem complicated because there is a great variety. When you choose your pillow, you need to keep in mind that the filling determines the   firmness or softness. And even the potential to cause allergies.

Rubber foam oversized pillows: Higher density, longer durability, stability of the filling and better support to your head. Polyester: they are economical and comfortable but if the lavas, it tends to spoil the filling.  “Memory Foam”: Reduce pressure points by adjusting and adjusting to the shape of your body when you move at night, so they give good support to your neck.  Latex or gel: It is the firmer type of filler, and is resistant to mold and mites. As it fits well to the contour of the body, it provides a good support to the neck and back.

Remember that hygiene is essential for a good rest , so you should wash the cover periodically because, as shown in a study of the Saint Barts Hospital , after two years, a third of oversized pillows is already full of dust mites , Secretions, dead skin and saliva, which gives rise to a lot of bacteria. Take it into account when choosing your pillow.

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