Contemporary Outdoor Water Fountains Inn

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Contemporary Outdoor Water Fountains Design Ideas

Contemporary outdoor water fountains – Outdoor fountains can add a sense of calm to the landscaping. This type of ornamental yard art provides a soothing, melodic sound close to your patio or flower gardens. Fountains can be expensive, but you can make a simple water fountain for your garden that cost little in terms of time, effort or money. These do-it-yourself projects require inexpensive items that are readily available.

Choose an area for your contemporary outdoor water fountains near a power outlet. If an outlet is not available, use an extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Dig a hole with a shovel. The hole must be large enough to hold the bucket that will act as a reservoir. The hole should be one or two inches deeper than the bucket size. Place the bucket in the hole. Set a submersible fountain pump in the bucket. Pumps usually suction cups on the bottom; make sure they are attached firmly to the bucket. Cut the hose with a sharp knife or scissors. It must be long enough to reach from the pump and extends two inches above the bottom surface of the flower pot.

Make a contemporary outdoor water fountains Inn, attach the hose to the fountain pump and put the other end into the side of the bucket. Use a garden hose to fill the bucket with water until it is about 3/4 full. Drill a hole in the bottom of a large clay pot with a drill and drill if the pot does not have a hole. Thread the tubing through the bottom of the clay pot and place the pot on top of the bucket. Turn the water fountain on. Adjust the flow of water if necessary.

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