Copper Sconce: Stunning Lamps For Porch

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Copper Sconce Custom

Copper sconce – Outdoor wall sconces are a great way to get functional lighting and style to your porch. Whether you want to add porch sconces to create a welcoming atmosphere, or to provide security, there is a wide variety of sconces available in many design options, materials and energy alternatives. Consider scale when choosing your porch wall sconces. A sconce that measures approximately two meters from top to bottom may seem great when held at arm’s length.

Porch copper sconce should be placed at optimum height. Place fixtures high enough to prevent shiny eyes and shine down on entire porch area. Sixty-five inches of standing level is standard. Installing a sconce on either side of front door ensures consistent lighting. If one bulb goes out, you will still have light. If you can only put a light on one side of door, select luminaries with two light bulbs. If you need to install a porch sconce on step-down siding, you may need to make a wooden base to provide a horizontal surface for proper attachment.

Select a porch copper sconce that fit in with your home exterior design. There are porch light available in numerous design choices. Vintage, nautical, arts and crafts, Spanish influence, rustic, Tuscan, mission, modern and contemporary are available from many online and retail sources.

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