Create Adjustable Wall Sconce

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Adjustable Bathroom Wall Sconce

Adjustable wall sconce – Maybe you want to add some three-dimensional decor to your walls or are in desperate need of ambient light in your living room, but have a small child or no floor space for a floor lamp. A decorative sconce filled with flowers or an adjustable wall sconce repurposed from a mason jar could be just the trick to add character and fill your home with the glow.


Turn your vertical space to a home for flowers or display area for the faux ones. Large juice or milk jugs work well, as long as you cut off the side of the handle. Place the jug cut on a disposable cutting board or another piece of fairly sturdy plastic. Trace the outline of the pitcher with a pen on the plastic.

Cut the jug shape of the plastic. Attach it to the back of your pitcher to superglue; apply only a thin layer using a Popsicle stick or super glue pen. Paint your adjustable wall sconce with enamel, latex or spray paint. Add stickers or cover it with bold colored or patterned wallpaper. Decorate with buttons, beads or beliefs as desired.

Let your sconce dry. Attach it to the wall using small screws attached to the inside back or add a hook curving a wire rack in a loop and punch it through the top of the flat back– side– of the mound. Place a bouquet of faux flowers in your sconce. Place a small plastic container inside the sconce or line it with plastic if you are going to place real flowers in it.

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