Create Beautiful Candle Holder Sconces

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Contemporary Bronze  Candle Holder Sconces

Candle holder sconces – Without a doubt the candles are a decorative complement of the most precious thing for a home. They are economical, very decorative and practical as they provide us with light. And although a candle or several candles can be very beautiful, if we also join them to a beautiful candlestick the decorative effect multiplies. And as we like to bring you economic ideas, fun to make and original, today we wanted to bring ideas to make a candlestick with recycled materials.

The materials with which these candle holder sconces are made are very easy to find. They are materials such as preserved glass jars, wood, metal cans, old pipes, glass or glass bottles, etc. We all have at hand almost every day glass jars of certain food products such as olives, jam, chillies, etc.

Instead of throwing them, if you are looking for an original candlestick, with these boats and a little imagination you can get real wonders, here are some ideas to make candlesticks with canned glass jars. As you know with glass jars you can create beautiful candle holder sconces, but do not end up here much less, also glass or glass bottles can be used as original candlesticks, here are some examples.

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