Create Your Own Bubbling Rock Fountain For Your Backyard

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Bubbling Rock Fountain

Create Your Own Bubbling Rock Fountain For Your Backyard – Building your own backyard water fountain is a fun project for do it yourself types that has become much easier in recent years with lots of kits and products on the market. If you understand some landscape construction basics and don’t mind getting a little dirty, creating your own bubbling rock water fountain is a fun and satisfying project that will bring benefits to you include from the sound of water dripping will bring relaxation to you and waterfall development or full-sized pool that does not require a lot of expense.

Find a location for installing bubbling rock fountain, install where you can enjoy it on a daily basis. Find a rock with an existing natural hole in it. Moss rock is one great option- they are naturally gnarled and full of holes. If you need to make a hole in your selected rock, diamond core drill bits are available from a rental store. Some types of water basins will be required to sit your bubbling rock. Plastic pond liners come in a variety of sizes and can be cut to size. Be sure the volume of water is sufficient for the size of pump.

If you purchased a bubbling rock fountain kit, it may have the pump, tubing and a filter included. If you are buying supplies piece by piece, check with your landscape supplier to make sure you will get the result you want. If you are going the natural route with your design, you will want rocks that blend in well with your bubbling rock. A variety of sizes is important. For an architectural water fountain, rocks do not have to match, but the colors and shapes should complement each other. One approach is to have a bubbling rock protruding from the other rock because of the larger size or shape that is more dramatic. As a final touch to the decor bubbling rock fountain, add some ferns, perennials or low shrubs around your bubbling rock fountain.

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