Cute Dunkin Donuts Travel Mug

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Dunkin Donuts Travel Mug Color Options

Dunkin donuts travel mug – There are those who advocate coffee in glass for reasons more aesthetic than practical, since its design is usually much more elegant to eye than that of a cup. Lack of handle is more balanced and symmetrical, and its great advantage is that they allow seeing interior of drink. Through a glass we can observe beautiful color of coffee, analyze its nuances or contemplate different layers if what we are taking is, for example, a cappuccino. It also lets us analyze thickness and density of cream layer, and better control amount of milk or sugar.

Disadvantage of losing your temperature more quickly can be a plus in summer, when you squeeze heat too much and we need to wait a little longer for drink to cool and we can enjoy it without sweating. That’s why dunkin donuts travel mug glass is perfect for cold elaborations like coffee with ice or coffee with other drinks. And to compensate for loss of heat more and more coffee specialists are turning to double glass cups with an indoor air chamber that protect temperature.

Another advantage is that it conserves that heat in interior, causing that external part material is not so hot. In this way we can pick up and handle hot cup with our hands without burning, while glass or glass transmit temperature much more sharply. Handles of dunkin donuts travel mug also help to catch them without risk of burns, and touch is much more pleasant and comforting.

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