Dancing Water Fountain Accessories

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Dancing Water Fountain Repair

Dancing water fountain, such as the world-famous Dancing Waters of Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas, has a real crowd-pleaser at many resorts in the world for decades. With time-controlled computer, lighting, and music, dance performances fountains choreographed as carefully as any Broadway musical, and often scheduled as an accompaniment to the holiday fireworks. While dancing fountains must be professionally installed, they can be adapted for individual use…

While dancing water fountain big inappropriate for home gardens, they can add a unique touch to the yard office for business or restaurant that wants to impress potential clients. their cost, however, can make a dancing water fountain is more than an investment of entertainment, so they should be installed only if there is a financial incentive to do so. But when programmed to put on their screens for lights and music at scheduled intervals, they can be a drawing card, especially for the restaurant.

Dancing water fountain of the Bellagio sets the standard for the dancing fountains all over the world. Measure a quarter of a mile in length, the Bellagio fountain shows one thousand two hundred separate nozzles capable of shooting water sprays to heights of two hundred and forty feet. They also have more than four thousand lights, and programmed to “dance” for the selection of different music on a schedule 15-30 minutes.


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