Decorate Monogrammed Pillows

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Monogrammed Pillows Bed

Monogrammed pillows – Add your monogram to furniture that everyone in the house used – couch. You do not need to take a needle and thread to your couch cushions to get monogrammed effect – unless you want to. Creative ways exist to show your monogrammed pillows in your living room.

Single Pillows

Pillows are a smart way to add your monogram to your sofa without doing anything permanent. A newly married couple might want their couple monogram – with both the first initials of their last initials – on a pillow. A large family can find a pillow with only their last initial on it. A single woman can choose a monogrammed pillow with her first, last and middle initials or just her first initial.

Get creative with pillows that you put on your sofa to show your monogram. You may want some pillows on the sofa for comfort, so get an initial of your monogram printed or embroidered on each pillow. Then arrange pillows to reflect your full name or monogram.

Throw pillows add color and a bit of functionality, each sofa. Monogrammed pillows in any style, from a first initial monogram three initial. Select a throw pillow that complements your sofa and matching an accent color that you use the entire room. If you have a chocolate brown sofa, for example, choose a red grips with a chocolate brown monogram on it.

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