Decorate Your Nautical Living Room With Octopus Pillow

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Cool Octopus Pillow

Octopus pillow – Customize your nautical living room with photographs and drawings framed in rustic wooden frames. Integrate architectural elements that characterize the nautical decor. In the living room, many people enjoy the views and plenty of natural light and large panoramic windows or bay windows provide. Amp up the lighting ratio with skylights or solar tubes.

Before add octopus pillow, first paint and end walls. A bright white or cream walls give your living room a modern nautical vibe. Vintage beach house look, consider stone gray or warmer light gray. Invest in nautical style furnishings. Solid wood accent pieces with brass, tin or galvanized steel works well in a nautical living room. Your sofa can feature a wooden frame or a simple trim design is covered in canvas cover. Consider dress in white, red, yellow or blue solid for a jaunty look.

Extend your theme with nautical textiles. Simple white cotton or poplin on windows and coating keeps the look clean and fresh. Red and white stripes and blue and white stripes can adorn a window valance, throw rug or wall hanging. You can add octopus pillow on sofa. Accessorize your nautical living room. Vintage metal helmets, anchors and ship models can decorate the wall, a jacket or a wood floating shelf. Highlighting the living room with brass lanterns or candles in glass bottles.

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