Distinctive Copper Mule Mugs

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Solid Copper Mugs Moscow Mule

Copper mule mugs – If you like metallic colors like gold and silver you are lucky, it is easy to paint your cups with them. All you need is metal tone paint you prefer on spray, body tape and a special glue adhesive for ceramic crafts. Cover the mugs with the body tape in the parts that you want them to remain unchanged, place them face down on newspaper and apply the spray paint to cover well with a good coat.

When it dries, paint with the adhesive and wait a few more minutes. Then remove the bodyguard tape and you can enjoy your cup or give it to whomever you prefer. How about these ideas for decorating your own cups of coffee? Dare to try some of these techniques at home to create the designs you like and boast of unique and original copper mule mugs.

You can also use to make a very special gift totally personalized, sure to surprise your family and friends. Figurative illustrations and drawings can end up getting boring and boring; so many people prefer a more abstract design in their dishes. The geometric shapes different, varied colors and patterns of motifs can give much impetus to the coffee copper mule mugs, and need not be too complicated to achieve a truly original design.

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