Distinctive Style Of Barn Sconce

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Barn Sconce Type

Barn sconce – A sconce is a kind of light fitting which attaches directly to a wall rather than suspended from the ceiling or supporting itself with its own base. In fact, the only support for the candle holder, the wall to which it is attached. Sconce lamps usually have closed bottoms and direct light upward toward the ceiling.

However, there are also some sconces which direct the light in the opposite direction, down to the floor. In addition, there are some sconces that are open at both ends and allow light to flow up to the ceiling and to the floor. The design of sconces is an old one. In fact barn sconce hark back to some of the very first forms of interior lighting, fire torches that were attached to the inside walls of stately homes, castles and public buildings.

Sconces have been updated over the centuries by the evolution of technology and the changes in the modern interior room. Torch sconces were substituted for oil and gas lamps, which were attached to walls in a similar manner. Finally, we have now electric barn sconce in many buildings that are over a hundred years, it is possible to find defunct gas sconce fixtures that are still in place.

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