DIY Custom Aladdin Coffee Mug

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Aladdin Coffee Mug Style

Aladdin Coffee Mug – Returning to the subject of a mug, I must confess that I do not know how to draw. I make simple drawings. Having breakfast in your personalized mug, do not you think? This craftsmanship, moreover, is especially simple because you need no more than special markers for porcelain or, in their absence, markers for textiles (ours are from Delipapel), a breakfast mug for each child and a little imagination to decorate it.

We showed you how our mug was painted with a permanent marker. There are so many models that it is impossible to resist. But, we can be even more original if we decorate our own aladdin coffee mug, coffee mugs decorated with a colorful marbling are perfect to have a whole game totally exclusive. And you just need a regular nail polish. We recommend that you try first to paint the drawing that you have chosen on a piece of paper, to see if it really convinces you.

We have opted for the geometric motifs and are easy for small children to participate once you are happy with the result, you put half an hour in the oven at 150ÂșC. Do not preheat the oven, put it directly that if it is very hot suddenly it is possible that the aladdin coffee mug is broken, and let it cool completely before using the mug or washing them.

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