DIY Wall Sconce Design Ideas

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Vintage DIY Wall Sconce

DIY wall sconce – Wall sconces are a unique addition to enhance the decor of any room. To add a creative touch to a room in your home by making sconces are cheap, with a trip to the craft store and use some tools to add a personal decorative touch to any room you decorate. Wall sconces can be decorated in many ways; one way is to use artificial flowers.

DIY wall sconce ideas cut two pieces of wood 4 inches long and 1 inch wide, using a saw. In the center of one of the cut wood pieces. Cutting a circle. Using wood glue, screws and a screwdriver, forming an L-shape by connecting two pieces. Paint or stain the wood and paint the flower vase in the color you choose, using a brush and allow 30 minutes to dry. Sometimes the wood will soak up the color, so more than one layer may be needed. Once dry, fill the vase with floral foam if you use artificial flowers.

After that to DIY wall sconce, arrange the flowers by pressing the stems of artificial flowers in the foam. Place a screw in the wall where you want the sconce with a screwdriver. Create a notch on the back of the mound large enough to fit over the screw hangs on the wall, so that the mound may be hung. Place the vase inside the circle that you have cut. Decorate to your desired taste with more flowers and moss needed around the forecastle.

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