Dragon Water Fountain Ideas

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Dragon Water Fountain Design

Dragon water fountain makes an attractive and natural focal point in an environment garden or lawn. You can buy already made fountains, but they cost a lot of money and can be complicated to maintain. Creating a dragon water fountain in a bucket is a low cost, easy way to get this wonderful feature in your garden. And, because you built it, you understand how it works and can easily fix it if something goes wrong.


Choose your size bucket. You can use any size you want, but a 5-gallon bucket is the most common. Determine the size of the pump you need. The size of the bucket that you use will determine the size of the pump you need. You can get good advice about the right pump size by talking to an employee of a pet or aquarium store. Choose a location for your dragon water fountain. You need a place that is near a power source because the pump requires electricity to run.

Dig a hole in the ground at the desired location and place the bucket inside. Drill holes in the bucket lid. This is for the water to run back to get to the pump for the fountain effect. Connect your pump to the electrical source. You can hide your cord with rocks or bury something, but be sure not to dig or put it on a well-traveled area so that it is not a safety hazard.

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