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Mustache Mug Guard

Mustache Mug – Sometimes we have some soda cup at home that we would like to give a special touch or some glass that had a drawing before and now with the passage of time has been erased. If here we explained a way to get a funny gift for the men of the house, now we give you a different way to prepare it. The essence is the same and it is that making a mustache in a mug is always fun. First, choose your design for the mustache.

That is relatively easy since the internet can satisfy you broadly in that aspect. In this news, you will find a huge variety of mustaches. When you have chosen yours, modify the size to suit your needs. Print it. Now cut out the silhouette with scissors. Make a fold without even folding the paper and cut in the center of the mustache, always inside, so you can skirt the mustache drawing and empty the template. Once ready, fix it in the mustache mug with tape.

Uncover the marker and proceed to fill the hole with care. When you finish, remove the heat and remove the paper slowly. You should then place the ceramic mustache mug in the oven according to the instructions of the maker of the pen. Most likely it will be about 40 minutes at 150º C or 300ºF.

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