Easy DIY Tabletop Fountain

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Bamboo DIY Tabletop Fountain

Easy DIY Tabletop Fountain – Create a relaxing atmosphere on a table or desk with a tabletop fountain. There are many styles and designs are available, but you can easily make your own fountain that do it yourself projects. Create a one-of-a-kind fountain by choosing a unique waterproof vessel, such as a ceramic bowl and fill it with river stones that you collected from a nearby riverbed.

DIY tabletop fountain, Choose a water vessel which is about 4 to 6 inches deep so that the pump is hidden by rocks. Place the water vessel on a work surface. Put the pump in the center of the base so that the suction cups on the bottom of the pump are securely attached to the base of the vessel. Cut a piece of hardware mesh to fit inside the ship on top of the pump. Cut a piece of window screening to sit across hardware mesh. In hardware mesh and the screen should match the inside diameter of the vessel at the top of the pump. Use the wire snips to make cuts. This combination acts as a filter to keep debris out of the pump water supply in the bottom of the vessel.

DIY tabletop fountain cut a 5/8 inch slit with scissors in the grid and screen for copper sliding up through. Run the pump cord from the ship along one side. Insert the copper pipe at the end of the pump hose. Here are the fountain head. Ways the panels and grid screen in the ship. Slide the copper tube through the slot. Rest the grid and the screen on top of the upper surface of the pump. Place the tube so that it sits vertically in the vessel. Fill the inside of the vessel with river stones. Build around the copper pipe so that it extends from the rocks about 2 to 3 inches. It is a matter of preference as to how much of the tube you want exposed. The water flows from the upper end of the tube. Put water in the vessel and connect the pump to operate the fountain.

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