Enamel Mugs For A Delicious Coffee

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Enamel Mugs Color Options

Enamel mugs – Why use paint for cups? The cups are used daily for a delicious coffee. But on many occasions we get tired of always seeing the same cup boring and colorless; do you want your cups to look beautiful and very colorful? Well dare to give them your personal touch, today it’s time to paint mugs to your liking. To paint your cups you have several options as to the paintings, you can opt for acrylic paints, ceramic paints or you can also use enamels or dyes for your cups.

The enamel mugs paints can find them at any craft store. This type of paint works well in clay cups. With enamel paint you can paint your cups in a single color or you can choose to add daring designs. Also if you notice that the color of your cup is too thin when you put the first layer, you can choose to put 1, 2 or even 3 layers. The good thing about acrylic paint is that the cups can be used as soon as the paint is dry.

Enamel mugs are one of best options, but you should avoid painting designs with enamel as these designs could move or even erase during the cooking of the cup. Another option is tinctures. The first thing to do is to cook your cup so you can add a tinted decoration and then you have to cook it again.

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