Enjoy Your Coffee With Heat Sensitive Mug

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Heat Sensitive Mug Black

Heat sensitive mug – There are some debates in gastronomy that can give rise to endless confrontations, like eternal debate between omelets of potatoes with or without onion. In world of coffee same thing happens, and is that many times we do not agree on what is best way to taste it. One of most controversial issues is one that confronts coffee cup advocates against those who prefer glass, which one should we choose to enjoy coffee better? We give you keys.

Heat sensitive mug has become standard container that most associate to our favorite drink, not in vain we talk about “have a cup of coffeeā€¯ although we can serve it in a glass. We all have our collection of cups of different sizes, and it is normal for each family to have their favorite with which is usually served first coffee of day at breakfast time. There are so many models of cups that we love to collect them and even use them to decorate, but what are their properties and advantages?

Most notable feature of ceramic or porcelain heat sensitive mug is that it preserves much better heat. These materials lose temperature at a much slower speed than glass or glass, keeping our drink at right temperature for much longer. Being porous, cup slows loss of heat thanks to small particles of air that are trapped inside its surface, acting as a natural protector.

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