The Evolution Of The U Shaped Body Pillow

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U Shaped Body Pillow Covers

U shaped body pillow – For many people, a body pillow is just a longer version of the standard, rectangular bed pillow. This may be true in the past, but has been no evolution when it comes to the body pillow. Recent developments have changed the way they are set up and use. Depending on a person’s sleep position or level of support, new designs range from a variety of shapes including a “J” shape, a “C” shape and “U” shape.

U shaped body pillow is ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural contours of the human body during the break. It provides support in all four basic sleeping positions and combining the support of three pillows in one. This design produces less pillow repositioning and enables changes in sleeping position without having to hoard some cushion back into position with every movement. Using a “U” shape of the pillow can improve spinal alignment, muscle relaxation, circulation, back pain and optimized to support a pregnancy.

U shaped body pillow is to fit the natural position of this side of the bed. It can be difficult to maintain alignment for the spine when sleeping on your side. This pillow has two sides at each end of the curve. This allows for head and leg support. They are designed to be tucked between the legs to allow the spin to relax in a neutral position while the body is at rest. Pregnant women can take advantage of a form of “U” and help improve sleep quality.


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