Fancy Silver Beaded Pillow Color

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Floral Silver Beaded Pillow

Silver beaded pillow can work to create an intriguing bedroom or a relaxing bedroom, depending on what color is used as dominant color in room. Adhere to a two-color color scheme or room design to add a third accent color that can be easily changed and updated.

Use white furniture if walls are dark or if you want something lighter and brighter to balance room. A head of colors, such as red, yellow or turquoise, stands out against white, silver or black walls and adds interest to room. Black furniture serves color scheme and will still work in room if you decide to update your color scheme later. Bright silver beaded pillow with reflective surfaces adds brightness to room, though it may be too much for entire one bedroom suite. Mix a little if you like more of an eclectic look, such as a silver dressing table, a black chest, black bed and reflective silver bedside tables.

Your bedding, curtains and carpets should complement furniture and walls while solidifying your black and silver color scheme. A silver bed skirt, black sheets, white duvet and silver beaded pillow in all three colors will work against dark walls or furniture to keep look to be too dark. A silver duvet with black lace overlay can create a romantic or dramatic feel in room, while a black duvet with designs in silver, such as circles, could work better in a teenager’s bedroom.

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