Good Ideas Dog Water Bowl Fountain

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Cat And Dog Water Bowl Fountain

Dog water bowl fountain – Tasks that seem obvious to us can be a real challenge for a visually impaired person. Checking your dog’s water tank for guidance is a waste of time and physically demanding work for blind. As guide dog cannot bark, even when it is hunger or thirst, his drinking bowl was sometimes empty for some time. Our solution is a balance system that is put under drinking bowl.

When weight of water in vessel is too low a switch is activated. This activates a signaling unit that immediately catches user’s attention and fills dog water bowl fountain with water. To make system as efficient as possible we offer you possibility of adjusting contact with correct weight in a very easy to use way. This makes it possible to trigger signaling as required, for example when water level is approximately 1cm in drinking glass, which is very little so that dog can still drink properly.

That’s why a dog water bowl fountain is such a good idea. In fact, although it is not essential, we can almost say that it is one of best investments for health of your cat, especially if it is of those who drink little. There are different models of sources in market, some of them very economic, although cost of maintenance in filters can reach 90 Euros per year. We can find sources of various materials: plastic, stainless steel, ceramics.

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