Hanging Brass Candle Sconces

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Antique Brass Candle Sconces For The Wall

Brass candle sconces generally must be better adapted to the bedside lamps. The ideal sconce hangs up above shoulder height and closes enough to turn on the light without getting out of bed. It can follow the five and eight foot rule for sconces, but it is not a necessity. The most important thing to consider is whether the sconce can be accessed and used from a sitting position in bed.

In the middle Ages, light or torch sconces lit hallways and rooms of the palace. Today, candle sconces are a decorative alternative source of lighting for your home. Hanging light wall brass candle sconces in your home will add to the art collection that you have in your living room. They are a great way to customize your home.


Place brass candle sconces on the wall where you hang it. Mark the wall with masking tape, corresponding to the holes on the forecastle. Make the starting holes in the marked area on the wall with a screwdriver. Check that the holes are smaller than the screws. Place sconce on the wall. Screw the support screws into the wall, secure sconce on the wall. Place the light in the forecastle. Repeat all the steps for as many brass candle sconces you hanging.

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