Hanging A Library Sconce

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Aspect Library Sconce

Library sconce ancient provide an elegant eyepiece for your salon, library or dining room. While the old library lamps require rewiring can be refurbished connected to your electrical wiring in an afternoon. Hanging lamp itself is an achievement, so recruit a friend to help ensure that you do not damage your vintage lamp.


Turn off the power in the room; turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Climb the ladder and unscrew your old fixture. Point-contact tester to the red electric wire. Check that the tester lights up, indicating that the cable will power (which means that the library sconce will once hung).  If it does not light, call a professional electrician for grounding cable.

Shut the power to the circuit breaker when you have performed these tests. Climb up the ladder with your library sconce. If you want the lamp to hang higher, remove some loops in the chain before proceeding. Press the electrical wires to the side. Hold the lamp so installation details crossing of the electrical box. Screw mounting hardware box electric.

Wind lamp neutral wire around the neutral wires in your electrical box. This is usually black or red in color. Tighten the screw to secure the connection. Connect the end of the cable to a ground wire on your lamp. Tuck the wires back into the electrical box. Slide the lamp canopy up to cover the box. Screw the canopy of the roof to the library sconce installation.

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