How To Make Custom Rustic Pillow Covers

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Rustic Pillow Covers Pattern

Rustic Pillow Covers – If the color of your cushions or pillows you no longer like or just think that it is time to change, now I show you how to make a pillowcase to give a new decorative touch to your room. Just by changing the pillow case, it will look like new and more attractive, so do not forget to follow the step by step to make a cover easily and quickly.

The new case for your rustic pillow covers can be made of fabric or the fabric that you most want. Begin by measuring the pillow to know the size perfectly, for this you have to use a flexible tape measure. For the case to fit properly you have to add 3 centimeters to the size of the pillow. Measure the length and width of the pillow, with each measurement you have to add 3 centimeters. For everything to come out perfect do not forget to write down the two measurements.

It is now time to choose rustic pillow covers design and fabric color to cut taking into account the measures that have been taken in the previous step. Then you have to start to finish the two sides with a hem. You do not necessarily have to use pins or basting. You just have to make a couple of doubles on the cloth and go straight through the machine.

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