How To Make Rose Gold Pillow

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Awesome Rose Gold Pillow

Rose gold pillow is a wonderful way to change the decor of your living room. If you want to change the look of a room often, you know to buy new pillows every time is a waste of time and money. The best solution is to make an envelope pillowcase. The advantage of this type of coverage is that it has an opening with a flap as an envelope, which allows you to easily slide on and off the pillow.

The best way to start a sewing project is to start with core bits. In this case, you want to sew the front and rear parts together before you add the details. Instead of stitching them together from the side of the material will be reviewed, place the backs of the pieces together and sew three sides. By sewing this method, you can create a smooth edge when you turn inside out.

Remember to leave the tab hanging off the open side because that is where you will put the rose gold pillow. Create a soft edge around the flap to match the sides by folding in about a half inch of material and hold it down by ironing pleats or stick straight pins through the connecting door to the rest of the material. After inch of fabric is tightly folded over, sew down.

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