How To Replace Pillow Speaker

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Awesome Pillow Speaker

Pillow speaker – If you know someone well enough to lay sleeping next to it can be assumed that they like that person. And the people you care about should show respect and consideration, you should simply consider their will, be respectful and care responsibilities.  Pillow speaker are pieces of foam placed over the speakers in the headphone cup. This foam pad cushions the user’s ear from harder speaker’s surface, making the headphones comfortable to wear. Lower quality headphones use cheap pillows that easily rip or deteriorate with continued use. It is quite simple to replace cushions on a pair of headphones. The foam pad is glued to the headphone cup, making it easy to remove and install the replacement pillows.

Hold the top edge of the foam pad on the pillow speaker. On the outskirts of the foam pad is pulled over a plastic lip. Pull up on the headphones pad to stretch it. The hole in the plate will be large enough to allow you to pull the pad of the lip of the cup headphones. Remove any additional ripped pieces from the headphone cup, if necessary. Push the upper edge of the replacement cup over the top edge of the cup headphones.

Pull the bottom edge of the replacement cup lip on the opposite side of the cup. Adjust the CAP headphones pillow speaker so that the whole foam pad is held in place by the lip. The lip on the headphone cup should be completely hidden under the new headphones pad. Pad is now in place. Repeat all the steps to replace other headphones pad.

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