How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow

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Premium Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillow – The pregnancy pillow is a great tool to help you sleep well during pregnancy. The pad is just a simple, long cushion that is at least as long as your body. Pregnancy pillows are sometimes curved at the ends. They can be used in many positions to help support the body during sleep to alleviate common pregnancy ailments such as leg cramps and back pain

To use a pregnancy pillow, you must lay in bed in your normal sleeping position. And experiment with pregnancy pillow to see how you can use it to better support the body. If you cannot find a comfortable position, try standard sleeping positions below. Two, place pregnancy pillow under one side of your body if you like to sleep on their backs. By some twist your body to one side, relieve you pressure on the uterus and abdominal nerves.

Hold pillow between your knees and squeeze your arms if you are a side -sove. This position helps keep the spine aligned to avoid stress on your back. Four, throw an arm and a leg over the pillow if you like to sleep on your stomach. This enables you to continue using your favorite sleeping position while space stomach. Five, use pregnancy pillow when resting on the couch for extra support.

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