Ideas For Oversized Throw Pillows

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Oversized Throw Pillows Ideas

Oversized throw pillows – A leather sofa is a large and dramatic piece of furniture, whether you choose one in a darker and more masculine color or in a light and buttery shade. The leather tends to overwhelm the space, the first thing you look at in the room. The trick is to do leather work within the interior of the room as a whole.

Throw pillows are an easy way to add color to the space and make the leather look more inviting and comfortable. Use light yellow or light blue cushions to brighten up darker skin, and use the deep chocolate or soft red pillows with a cream or white leather couch. Oversized throw pillows with a hibiscus pattern light up a room by adding whimsy and color to an otherwise dull, gray sofa, or overstuffed chair. Summery and lighthearted, such as stripes, ginghams, plaids or even solids.

Complementary furniture with oversized throw pillows, choose furniture in colors that complement the leather couch while helping to balance the room. If your sofa is dark skins, picking other furniture in a lighter shade. For example, with a black or dark brown sofa, furniture used in cream, light blue or green. For lighter leather sofas, pick the other bits of the same color but slightly darker. For example, choose shades of yellow and orange to a cream or light yellow leather sofa.

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