Indoor And Outdoor Basalt Column Fountain Styles

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Awesome Basalt Column Fountain

Basalt column fountain – Choose a decorative fountain for inside or outside the home, depending on where you place it, what you want it for and how much you want to spend. Stone shipyards stock large pre-drilled boulders or stones for use in building a fountain. If not in stock, they will custom drill boulders for you. This type of fountain creates a cool and moist environment for the area around it. Creating a waterfall effect with several rocks or boulders, or pump water through a large boulder, secured with a spray head to show water play in your room or in your garden.

Wall basalt column fountain pouring water, which flows vertically down the fountain structure, from a spout mounted near the top of the wall in a catch basin at its base. The spout can be a simple pin or a horizontal bar that simulates a waterfall. Wall mounted fountains can be placed indoors or outdoors, and make a wonderful display of light and sound.

A stand-alone basalt column fountain can be something as simple as a large plastic vase with a pump that sits on a concrete block or stacked bricks underwater. This is the type of fountain where a versatile spray head on the pumping device can really create a stunning visual effect.

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