Innovative Battery Coffee Mug

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Battery Coffee Mug Display

Battery coffee mug – Soon it may be that you end up walking in the corners of bars looking for a plug when we see a line to the battery level of our mobile. Now we will sit, ask for a warm coffee or a cold beer if we are in summer, and relax enjoying our drink while our phone loads quietly. And you will wonder how this is possible, because with the Epiphany on E Puck, a device that using heat differences is able to recharge our mobile.

This portable battery coffee mug actually employs it is an old system based on the operation of a Stirling engine, capable of generating electricity based on calorific differences. This type of engine was invented in 1816 as a rival of steam engines and now is renewed to power phones of latest technology.

The creators assure that the phone will be charged at high speed, for it will be enough to place our drink on the small platform, to connect the USB port and the charger will be able to produce in its maximum power 5 watts of energy , the same amount used by the Chargers for standard smartphones. At the moment battery coffee mug has not yet been put on sale and is expected to cost about $ 115. I find it a great invention to go travel or bars, and is that it is often easier to get a warm coffee than someone to lend us a plug.

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