Innovative Kitchen With Airstone Backsplash

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Backsplash With Airstone

Airstone backsplash offers an innovative way in constructing kitchen wall-covering project simply. The ultra-light makes it easy in the installation. To use indoor and outdoor, airstone is a versatile choice. Although as an artificial stone, it has the durability almost like the real one. When it comes to weight, 75% less is indeed a great value. You can install airstone backsplash just using only pre-mixed adhesive. To make it easier, you will also need a hack saw and a putty knife.

Versatility allows the flexibility to pour into your kitchen decorating ideas. There are 3 colors to choose from. They are autumn mountain, birch bluff and spring creek. Autumn Mountain has rustic tones that look warm in sable, cream and chocolate. The birch bluff looks amazing with timeless neutral which features beige and grey complimentary to whites. Spring creek has a sophisticated blend that features 4 tones of grey differently. Which one you like more? You can be sure of picking one that perfect to your style.

Any color and texture can complement existing decor of your kitchen. Airstone is also popular for stone walls, accent areas, fireplaces and more beautifully. You cannot DIY the installation, so make sure to take a help from a professional.

If you are looking for the same look of stone but with affordable price, then airstone will be a good choice. Airstone backsplash for kitchen decorating ideas is a very interesting alternative. You can find the products at Lowes.

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