How To Install Barn Light Sconce

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Barn Light Sconce Designs

How To Install Barn Light Sconce – barn light sconces initially available light sources for interior and exterior industrial warehouse. Developed in 1930, the classic color wide-brimmed Barn Light and often paired with goose neck-shaped sleeves. In contemporary lighting design, warehouse-style lighting fixtures come in various shapes and sizes with the extension of the arm and shade inspired by the combination of timeless design.

The first for install barn light sconce is turn off the power to the room in your home’s main circuit box. Locate the switch to the room and turn it to “OFF”. Cut a vertical hole for the switch box with your jigsaw in your wall. Cut a horizontal hole for sconces boxes with your jigsaw according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that you cut a hole in the wall near existing containers with force. This ensures that you have the power to sconces. Install an electrical clamp box in the holes you cut for wall sconces by turning the box on the wall with the included screws and your screwdriver.

Run the cable that came with the barn light sconce from the power source to the switch and from the switch to the openings you cut in the wall sconces according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow about 8 inches of extra cable protrudes from each box. Strip the casing and wire insulation from the ends of each wire with your wire cutters. Attach wires according to manufacturer’s instructions and secure with wire nuts. Usually white threads clip the black wire clip and the green or copper wires are ground wires. Tuck all wires into the box and screw bands on the package with screws and provide your drill. Attach sconces to the mounting straps by holding them in place and screw the nut on the underside of the sconces. Turn the power back on and test the barn light sconce.

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