How To Install Cordless Wall Sconce

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Beautiful Cordless Wall Sconce

Cordless wall sconce – Wall bracket lamps are used for a variety of purposes. Wall sconces are not normally used for general lighting. They are usually used to give a soft luminous glow. Sconces can be a specific corner of a room that you want to be a subtle, but significant focal point. There are many styles to choose from that will go with most any decor.

Select the wall location where you want the sconce. If you center the sconces over a cabinet, use a tape measure and a level to mark a center line above the cabinet, and have an assistant hold the sconce on the wall to help you visualize the location along the centerline. Take into account whether your cordless wall sconce will hang down, or up.

The cordless wall sconce in this guide was mounted on 42 “above the cabinet. This tutorial assumes that you have circuit lines running to the location of the wall sconce fitting by a qualified electrician, but you must install the electrical box and connect the wires to the fixture itself. Make sure your electrician to understand where you want the fixture when you instruct them. The type of electrical fields you need depends on whether the wall sconce is positioned over a stud location, or between centers.

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