Installing Hurricane Wall Sconce

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Double Hurricane Wall Sconce

Hurricane wall sconce provides both decorative and functional purposes in the home. Wall sconces are often mounted above the fireplace mantels or surrounding wall mirrors. Today’s options are as much about aesthetics as they are about function. Whether you choose to decorate in a traditional or umber-high-tech fashion, there are wall sconces to match your decorating style. Installing a hurricane wall sconce is an easier project than it may seem.


Turn off the electrical breaker that supplies electricity to light your place. Use an electric circuit tester to double check that the electricity is turned off. Locate the black wire from the light fixture and attach it to the black cable in the control cabinet. Locate the white wire from the light fixture and attach it to the white wire in the electrical box. Place a lead nut over the two wires and twist in a clockwise motion to secure the threads.

Locate the mounting bare copper ground wire from the fixture to attach to the copper ground wire in the electrical box.  Carefully tuck the wires connected to the power supply box. Slip light unit over the protruding universal mounting screws. With your fingers, tighten the supplied threaded cap nuts over the mounting screws.

Place the forecastle glass light cover on the forecastle mounting piece. Install a UL-approved light bulb in the forecastle. Restore power to the hurricane wall sconce by turning the switch back to “on” position. Check to ensure the light works by turning the light switch from off to on.

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