Keep Mosquitoes By A Bubbling Bernini Fountains

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Awesome Bernini Fountains

Bernini fountains – A bubbling fountain is a soothing, decorative element for your lawn, patio or garden. The movement of the water fountain makes less likely to have a mosquito attack than those with stagnant water, but it can still be a problem. Keeping biting mosquitoes away from your outdoor requires using the right methods to eliminate pests in your fountain and other areas containing water.

Turn on the bubbling Bernini fountains and leave it on during seasons when mosquitoes are present. If you choose to turn off the fountain for some reason, drain the water to prevent mosquito infestation. Purchase goldfish or other small aquarium fish that eat mosquito larvae and put them in your fountain. The bubbling fountain provides oxygen for the fish.

Pour a small amount of vegetable oil. Buy a product that contains the bacterium Bacillus unenterprising Israelis. They are available online, at garden centers, hardware stores and wherever fountains sold. Dump the water out of your fountain if you see mosquito larvae. Clean the Bernini fountains under the care manual and fill it with fresh water. Try to float the larvae from the fountain by overflowing the waste water, since many types of larvae swim to the bottom when the water is moving.

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