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Loloi Pillows Blue

Loloi pillows – Measure the pillow cushions carefully to avoid fabric waste and to ensure that the patterns match when making the quilt. Take the same care when measuring the zippers, piping, bands, contrast fabric and thread. Allowing hems, seams and wide borders, and to keep a part of your calculations for use in future projects.


Use a flexible tape measure to measure the width and length of the shoe or the way you will use. Measure from the center of one edge of the pad to the center of the opposite side. Hang tape lightly over the loloi pillows without crushing or pressing plate. Do the measurement of the remaining two edges of the pad. If the cushion is a square, these measurements will be the same. Check out the test paper.

Allow for half-inch seams on each side and each frill or border around the loloi pillows. Leave 1 inch for seam when you put a zipper along one side of the pillow. Thus, if your cushion pad is 12 inches wide and long (a square), the total width of both sides of the pad fabric 13 inches. The length of one side of the fabric is also 13 inches, and the side that will keep the zipper is 14 inches in length.

Use measurements from the pillow pad to calculate how much piping, braiding, ruffles or other embellishments you need. Add an extra 2 inches to each measurement length to allow for slightly larger size pillowcase.

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