Maintenance And Care Of Copper Fountain

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Copper Fountain Pen

Of all the fountains available, copper fountain requires the most maintenance. They look good and metals add depth to the sound of running water. You can find copper wall fountains, table fountains copper and copper garden fountains. Whatever the design of the fountain, the following are some maintenance tips that will enhance and prolong the life of your copper fountain.

Copper fountain is available in a natural finish and with a clear coating. Copper turns green during the passage of time because of oxidation. Powder coat or clear coat finish enamel that has been baked in extreme heat and applied to a copper surface to prevent it from being green. To clean the fountain copper with this coating, you can use furniture polish and a soft cloth once a week.

Using car wax every few months will keep shining copper fountain and protects them from oxidation. Do not use copper paint as this will remove the layer of enamel. If the copper fountain that you have to have white spots, you can use calcium lime remover. However, if the fountain has a natural copper finish, do not use calcium lime remover or wax. This will damage the surface of the fountain. Instead, just clean it with ordinary furniture polish and a soft cloth.


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