Make A Glass Of Absinthe Fountain Set

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Nice Absinthe Fountain Set

Absinthe fountain set – Absinthe could quite possibly be one of the world’s most fabled drinks. So much inaccuracies and nonsense that I have heard about this drink so I almost boggles. Nowadays heavens I just eyes and shakes his head when people say that one can be mad with absinthe. To begin with, be sure to have really cold water. Here is my absinthe fountain loaded with ice water. It has therefore not absinthe in the fountain without water. If you have an absinthe fountain set is easier to let the water slowly drip into the absinthe, then released fragrances and flavors in a better way and absinthe tastes a little better. One can of course pouring ice water directly from a jug, but you have to do it slowly. It takes a while to get to a happy really good absinthe.

Choose your absinthe fountain set. Choose a good one when you are not a dyed with food coloring and made the culprit. I have chosen the green absinthe with 65% alcohol. Not the heck is I so stupid so I drink it pure. My absinthe is purchased through this web shop (the fountain comes from the same place). There is a lot of rubbish that calls itself absinthe but on this page you will find the real goods.

Pour absinthe fountain set in a glass. In my glass, I think it is just right with a third absinthe. On the stage you can see across the glass, I placed a sugar cube because I want sugar in my absinthe. That you choose, however, himself. Clouding itself is not an absint. Detat obscuring known for absinthe louche and it is here that one can see the dancing green fairy in your glass.

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