How To Make Floral Wall Sconces

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Floral Wall Sconces Ideas

Floral wall sconces are easy to make and add a lot of drama to a boring place. This wall sconce is designed with a wooden base that holds a flowered cone, which will keep your flowers. These sconces look good paired hanging on both sides of an image, randomly arranged along a wall or hanging above a decorative table. You can also use these sconces as decorations for a wedding or other special event.

Cut two 1-by-4 inch pieces of half-inch plywood with a circular saw. Cut a hole with a jigsaw that is smaller than the widest part of your floral wall sconces cone in the middle of one of the pieces of wood. Stand the two pieces of wood on their ends. Place two of their 4-inch sides together to form an L shape. Screw the pieces together where they meet with screws and a screwdriver. Paint the mound and floral cone with spray paint. Let dry.

Make floral wall sconces, attach the piece of wood without the hole in the wall with screws so that the piece of wood with a hole over the piece of wood without the hole. Cut the thread insert on the tip of the floral cone with a nipper. Cut a piece of foam to fit into the floral cone with a sharp knife if you want to use faux flowers. Use floral foam or ask a baby food jar filled with water in the cone if you want real flowers in the forecastle.

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