Make Images On Contigo Coffee Mug

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Stylish Contigo Coffee Mug

Contigo coffee mug will be popular as long as caffeine exist. They are convenient because they isolate heated drinks and give a handle so you don’t burn yourself. Apart from a coffee cups function, they can do quaint decor. People who don t even drink coffee have coffee mug for hot cocoa or a collection. Their style and functionality makes them great gifts when you’re not sure what to buy, especially those personalized with your own pictures.

Decide what image to use, such as a picture of you with a loved on holiday. The photo must be in digital form to print from your computer. If you have a film camera photo, scan it into your computer. Open the image in a media manager. Crop the image to focus on the main object. Coffee mug is small screens, so cutting off excess light is important. Hold mold in mind when pruning.  Photos begins as rectangles, but aren’t ideal for a coffee mug image. Add text or a caption. Resize the image to fit your Contigo coffee mug. Print a practice image on plain printer paper to assess the adjustments required size.

Print coffee mugs picture on the water slide decal inkjet paper. If your coffee cup is colored, use the white decal paper. This provides a base coat, and then the image colors are vivid. If your coffee mug is white, use clear decal paper. Spray the image with fixative spray to prevent photo damage. Dip your trimmed coffee mugs image in the water until the edges begin to curl and peel. Remove the label from the paper. Use the image to Contigo coffee mug smooth. Dab lightly with a soft cloth. Allow to dry.

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