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Rustic Couch Pillows Best

Rustic Couch Pillows – As your armchair ages, so do the cushions and upholstery. What once were firm pillow can begin to fill up with lumps or to sink and their covers wear out, dirty or break. However, you can make your own new cushions with materials purchased in a store and a sewing machine. Upgrade an old sofa with new cushions or add pillow to a simple chair to make it more comfortable and cozy.

Instructions: Measure the current pillow of your chair. Make a sketch of them and point out all the measurements. If you want to use your current rustic couch pillows covers and just replace the cushion, buy foam the size of the old cushions and just replace the old pillow with the new cushion. You should also buy foam of the correct size if you are going to make the completely new pillow.

Measure the cushions and determine the amount of fabric you will need. Uses upholstery fabric to make durable cushions. Cut the fabric with the same silhouette as the foam of the rustic couch pillows, leaving a margin of 2 or 3 inches (5 to 7.60 cm) on each side. Trace the outline of the foam on the inside of the fabric to create a pattern. Make sure the top and bottom strokes match, as they will have to be aligned when things go.

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